An International Thriller

and which demonstrates the author's integrity as a political thriller writer.”

“Raffill offers a story that is both innovative, timely, and frightening,




Rage is an International Political Thriller. Fifteen American naval officers unexpectedly seize control of a USS-Ohio class nuclear submarine. In possession of the most formidable war machine ever create, the mutineers form a new terrorist organization that threatens to attack extremists and their supporters around the world.

In a race against time, the FBI and the US military try to stop the deciphered missile launch codes from reaching the nuclear submarine and unravel a conspiracy that permeates the very foundations of the US government. Replete with sophisticated characters, international intrigue, murder and mayhem, RAGE confronts terrorism with a new western form of itself that threatens the entire world order.

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Major Art Smith Jr. was credited as Military Technical Advisor on the major motion picture, Causalities of War (Michael J. Fox, Senn Pean) and is also credited on Good Morning Vietnam and Memphis Bell.

“This is a story written for today and on “target”. After 20+ years in the military, I could see this happen. Could not put it down.”

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“Clear Your Calendar – This Book is a Must Read!”

“This book “Rage” was recommended to me by a friend who I need to thank for upending my weekend. I am not surprised by the number of 5 star reviews it has received on Amazon. The timeliness of the storyline is uncanny. It was suspenseful and unpredictable. I could barely put the book down all weekend and kept reading every minute I could sneak away. I can’t stop talking about how much I’ve enjoyed reading it. It’s already a movie in my mind. The plot was so out of the box, the writing was wonderful, the events were unexpected and I am now a fan. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for Stewart Raffill’s next book.”

amazon political thriller books

When You Get to the End You Feel Like You’ve Unwittingly Steped to the Edge of the Precipice…

Fast-paced, well-written and well-researched, Rage will keep you turning pages until there are no more. When you get to the end you feel like you’ve unwittingly stepped to the edge of a precipice you never really believed was there, and you’re left to ponder the aftermath to an apocalypse of a type never before suggested in anything I’ve read or seen. Riveting and well worth a read that won’t take long because you won’t want to put it down.

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