Writer and Director Stewart Raffill Biography

On set with Rod Steiger.

On the set of Lost in Africa

On the set of Lost in Africa.

Maze Runner Premiere with Dexter Darden

Maze Runner Premiere with Dexter Darden.

Stewart Raffill grew up on a farm in England and immigrated to America when he was eighteen where he began a career in the motion picture industry. Working with many celebrated writers, directors, and actors in the business, Raffill began writing and directing his own feature films which have taken him on adventures around the world.

Stewart Raffill Tiger

Like a modern day explorer, a 10 minute conversation with Raffill will lead you on a trip around the world to the many different locations he has filmed.  Raffill loves animals and has worked with just about every kind including: Grizzly Bears, tigers, lions, exotic snakes, wolves and jaguars. Here he is swimming the lake with Raj.

As a writer and director Stewart Raffill has worked with Academy Award and Emmy Award winning talent including: Michael Douglas, Anjelica Huston, Richard Harris, Jodie Foster, Jane Seymour, Bryan Brown, James Brolin, Rod Steiger, Anthony Quinn, James Coburn and Paul Walker.

Films written and directed by Raffill have been distributed by MGM/UA, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Disney, ABC, New World Pictures and Orion.

Stewart’s films have achieved box office success and industry awards:

He is credited for the story on the action film Passenger 57 which was released theatrically by Warner Brothers and opened number one at the box office. In addition, LA TIMES reported “Passenger 57” was the top-rated program of the night and finished sixth among the week’s 89 prime-time network offerings.”

The New Swiss Family Robison written and directed by Stewart Raffill was the highest rated program of the night on Disney ABC.

According to Variety Magazine, Raffill had four films on its All-Time Rental Champs list. These include: Across The Great Divide, The Adventures of the Wilderness Family, The Philadelphia Experiment, and Ice Pirates. Boxoffice reported that The Adventures of the Wilderness Family, written and directed by Raffill, continued its record-breaking pace in theaters. “Every performance was a complete sellout, with people standing in line for blocks to buy tickets to screenings.”  

Variety Magazine reported that The Adventures of The Wilderness Family  opened big in Australia and set new records. Raffill’s next film, Across the Great Divide broke box office records in New Zealand and Variety Magazine said, “The total gross is the highest ever recorded by any film in a week in this country.”

Sheila Benson reports in the Los Angeles Times about Raffill’s film High Risk and says “this unpretentious comedy-action-thriller is a far cut above the usual adventure film. It has a first-rate cast down to the smallest roles, interesting characters, spectacular locations (Durango, Mexico, doubling for Columbia), excellent direction, and camera work. The film contains one spectacular stunt as memorable as Butch Cassidy leap, except this one was real. (I think.) The location and action sequences are marvelous.”

Screen International reports “Experiment opens well. The Philadelphia Experiment from New World Pictures directed by Stewart Raffill has scored impressive initial box-office grosses in simultaneous openings in Germany and Hong Kong.”

Raffill’s globe-spanning career has provided him with unique insights into the politics cultures and diverse characteristics of many communities some of which are integrated into his first novel, Rage a political thriller written to be seen on the big screen.

Lost in Africa

Stewart Raffill wrote and directed the film Lost in Africa produced by Harry Percy, the 11th Duke of Northumberland in an effort to raise awareness of the conservation needs in Africa.